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Fashion Dec 6, 2011

Spellbound Denim Deck Jacket

Japanese brand Spellbound, straight out of Okayama, bring us this amazing Deck Jacket. Inspired by the USN’s skilled use of denim during world war two, they’ve…
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Fashion Jun 2, 2011

Factotum Denim Jacket

It’s a mustache kinda morning at SL, so we’re wearing a pair of jeans, a jeans shirt and a jean jacket. We think it makes us look respectable, classy – regal…
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Fashion Feb 14, 2011

Closed Denim Jacket

Want a great denim jacket That’s what ebay’s for. No, We don’t blame the folks who hate that musty smell but want a denim jacket that has that worn feeling…
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Fashion Jan 6, 2011

Post Overalls Denim Jacket

We don’t know when it happened specifically but we’ve become a little obsessed with denim jackets lately, especially ones you can layer underneath a bigger coat…
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Fashion Jan 4, 2011

Lee ‘Loco’ Denim Jacket

For the record, this has nothing to do with that drink everyone’s been talking about. This is just a handsome denim jacket that’s on sale. In the words of Teddy…
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Fashion Apr 29, 2010

Lee for SHIPS Denim Jacket

We haven’t teased you with any Japanese product for a while now (it must have been at least a week now) so we feel like redressing the balance today. First up is…
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