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Fashion Jan 2, 2012

Workers Western Denim Shirt

Workers give us a look at some future garms. Lots in store for 2012 including florals, painter totes and experiments with Stifel fabric. This shirt will be hitting…
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Denim Jun 7, 2010

Lanvin Denim Shirt

We’re all about (slightly) more affordable pieces of Lanvin, whether it be their footwear or pieces like this denim shirt. As far as denim shirts go this isn’t…
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Fashion Oct 6, 2009

+J Denim Shirt

Now that the dust has settled on Jill Sander’s collection for Uniqlo, we can take a cool and considered look at our favourite pieces. While the funnel jacket and…
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Fashion Jul 1, 2009

COS Washed Denim Shirt

Although denim shirts have offically made a comeback, it’s still a challenge to get hold of an affordable, well made one if you’re nowhere near a J.Crew. This…
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Denim Nov 4, 2008

Makin Jan Ma denim shirt

It looks like the world is ready for denim shirts again. It’s taken a while but when designers like Makin Jan Ma are doing them, it’s a sign that they’re about…
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