Shoes Aug 10, 2011

Lodger Chapman Derby

What’s more overdone the white sole or the red brick one? Trick question – it’s both, just to slightly different people. The white sole is sold to…
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Shoes Jun 8, 2011

Jil Sander Derby Shoes

Trawling through Yoox is a little tiresome at times at best, but there are some good picks to be found. Take these Jil Sander derbies for instance. They’re pretty…
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Shoes May 30, 2011

Alfred Sargent Dalham Derby

We’re still a bit confused at the whole shift to Italian tailoring that’s happened in blogging. Actually, we’re more confused at the rejection of everything…
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Shoes May 26, 2011

Church’s Stratton Derby

Still on the lookout for a handsome shoe with a red brick sole? Allow us to point you to these Church’s Strattons. We’ve said this so much we’re blue in the…
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Shoes May 26, 2011

Tricker’s Woodstock Derby

If those Church’s weren’t segsy enough for you, this pair of Tricker’s should be up your alley. Now, to get through the rest of this post, imagine a rapper…
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Shoes Apr 29, 2011

T+F Shoemakers Derby Shoe

The phenomenon of products actually being handmade is a funny one. And what we mean is that a lot of the time we’re not sure why such a big deal is made about it…
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