Accessories Nov 17, 2011

Drakes Fairisle Scarf

Can we be brutally honest now? Ok, deep breath time, we don’t wear scarves that often. We know, that was a huge revelation. But this Drakes scarf is something…
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Accessories Oct 25, 2011

Drake’s Bowties

Bowties. We know, they’ve been through some rough times in the last few years. Alongside the trilby, this neckwear classic has been involved in some incredibly…
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Stores Oct 5, 2011

Store Visit | Drakes

Next up in our store visit series are those new classicists Drakes. They’ve recently set up shop near Saville Row and we rocked up to see what it was all about…
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Accessories Jun 22, 2011

Drakes Knitted Tie

On the rare occasion we do get suited and booted, it’s a knitted tie that’ll grace our necks. Don’t ask why, that’s just the way it is. So it was our right…
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Accessories Jun 1, 2011

Drakes Panama Hat

We may have ended the great panama hat search 2011™ a little early. We say that because, us being the silly folks we are, forgot to check the house of Drakes…
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Accessories Mar 9, 2011

Drakes Knitted Tie

Obvious pick alert! We were looking for a great knitted tie and Drakes was the first thing that popped into our heads, so we’ve decided to share it with everyone…
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