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Fashion Feb 21, 2011

Junya Watanabe Duffle Coat

As much as we joke about Junya Watanabe’s stuff, we do like the clothes. Take this duffle for instance, it may be from Watanabe’s most ‘wearable/sellable’…
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Fashion Feb 15, 2011

Gloverall Waxed Duffle Coat

If you’re one of those folks who have to have a certain piece from a certain brand then a Gloverall duffle is an essential. And, if you live in one of those areas…
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Fashion Feb 3, 2011

Nanamica Gore-Tex Duffle Coat

We’re not sure if ‘waterproofness’ is a word, but it is the one we’d use to describe this coat, and Nanamica as a whole. We do tire of saying ‘the prices…
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Fashion Dec 16, 2010

Nigel Cabourn Duffle Coat

We featured this a while back but it’s worth a second look now it’s available without a proxy. Everything that’s been said about Cabourn has been already, so…
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Fashion Aug 17, 2010

Farah Vintage Duffel Coat

Continuing with our unnatural obsession with details, here’s a piece we’re picking solely because of the colour of the toggles. We’re accustomed to seeing…
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Fashion May 17, 2010

Gloverall Spring Duffle Coat

Our ABN (anything but navy) coat search continues – this time with a Gloverall piece. Spring duffles are a bit of a tricky proposition, mainly because you don’t…
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