duffle coats

Fashion Oct 28, 2009

Band Of Outsiders Duffle Coat

While duffle coats had been doing the rounds amongst the super-early adopters last year (Oi Polloi have been carrying Gloverall for years now), it was only recently…
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Fashion Oct 27, 2009

Lounge Lizard Parka

Has anyone noticed that duffles are this year’s pea coat? We’ve already seen them around on several reputable fellas. Because we always like being ahead of the…
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Fashion Oct 19, 2009

Lad Musician Duffle Coat

One of the brands I hope to get some time with in Tokyo next week is Lad Musician. The just released a new “melton double cloth” duffle coat onto the market…
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Fashion Aug 12, 2009

Gloverall Duffle Coats

Sticklers for authenticity will love this. Gloverall, a company who’ve been focused on outerwear for ages, are bringing out a few more contemporary versions of…
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Fashion Aug 10, 2009

Acne Waxed Cotton Duffle Coat

Some pieces just have it all. The only knock against duffles is that a) everyone will be wearing an awful River Island version in a few months and b) they can’t…
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