Accessories Sep 26, 2011

Falke Nordic Socks

Now here’s a pair of socks that’ll go well with a red hooded Ray J-esque sweatshirt. We often find it hard to wax lyrical about socks because, you know…
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Accessories Mar 18, 2011

Falke Invisible socks

Yep, it’s that time again. We’re recommending these because we’ve seen several style blog fellows advocate going sockless in leather shoes and that’s…
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Accessories Jun 1, 2010

Falke Invisible Socks

Here’s something you need. Yes, need, not want – despite us being fashun, we do recognise the difference. The summer socks debate is one that rages every, erm…
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Fashion Apr 28, 2008

Falke Knitwear

Sock maker Falke has issued a nice collection of knitwear for the the gentle of men. Available in strong grey, navy, and red colors, the cardigans and jumper…
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