Fashion Jun 19, 2011

Folk Grafters Jacket

The Grafters Jacket from Folk is a remake of the your standard chore jacket but with crazy accents. The slanted welt pocket, two front tool pockets are found and a…
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Fashion May 18, 2011

Folk Grafters Gillet

Where they’re aren’t any essentials in menswear, a gillet is a versatile piece to have in your arsenal. This Folk gillet just fell in at Oi Polloi and it’s a…
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Fashion May 2, 2011

Folk Shawl Collar Sweat Shirt

The Folk collection is always expanding. This season, they deliver a new take on the cardigan. The “Shawl Collar Sweat Top” is made of 100% cotton and features a…
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Fashion Apr 25, 2011

Folk Linear Print T-Shirt

More Tees? Yeah, more tees. We’re into our plain tees (backbone of a wardrobe, etc etc) but a subtle pattern is still worth a go. This Folk t-shirt is just…
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Fashion Jan 19, 2011

Folk Riding Jacket

Cording up a storm is this Folk riding jacket. Invoke the spirit of the latest Jilly Cooper novel by wearing this whilst learning to ride a horse. Or, failing that…
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Shoes Dec 13, 2010

Folk ‘Bobby’ Shoe

Some might say that we’re a little obsessed, we’d say ‘so what? If you had our range of fine shoe wear that can only be worn in certain weather conditions…
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