Fashion Aug 9, 2011

Han Army Shirt

We sometimes wonder weird things. Like could you report for army duty in a fashion army shirt? Technically it should be okay, although we do have a lingering feeling…
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Fashion Oct 9, 2010

Han Sweatpants

SOTO carries sweatpants from Han. They may not be as detailed as those Band of Outsiders sweats from yesterday but still quality all around. “Han’s heavy and…
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Denim Sep 23, 2010

Han 50’s Classic Tapped Denim

You know what? We’re just gonna come right out and say it: we want to cheat with our denim. We know wearing them in yourself is the ‘right’ thing to do but it…
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Fashion Mar 23, 2010

Han 50’s Sweat Chinos

While we’re often seen as the sharper brother to High Snob, we like to get comfy too. We mean, there’s only so much super tough denim a man can take before he…
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