Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

8:30 pm

ZIK Parrot Headphones by Philippe Starck


Most phones these days are smarter than an African Grey Parrot, so it makes sense that headphones are getting a head on their shoulders as well. What we mean is that these new Phillippe Starck-designed wonders, called, natch, the ZIK…

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Monday, October 17th, 2011

8:30 pm

Etymotic HF5 In-Ear Headphones

Etymotic HF5 In-Ear Headphones

Earbuds are easily the most commuter and travel friendly form of headphones on the market today. Just about every mobile device in the world ships with a pair or earbuds. The ubiquitous white iPod/iPhone variants may be the most noticeable and…

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Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Grado PS500 Headphones


Grado uses the term “trickle-down” to describe their new professional series headphone, the Grado PS500. Using “old” but excellent technology used in develpment of their $1700  Grado PS1000, the Grado PS500 offers “two-thirds of the performance” for a third of…

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

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