Design Mar 10, 2011

George Lois Interview

It’s reached the point where posting up a George Lois interview is a reflex. Maybe it’s because we’re still not bored of what he’s got to say or because…
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Fashion Dec 1, 2010

Yvan Rodic Interview

Yvan Rodic, otherwise known as the facehunter, gave an interesting interview to The Cut about the blog’s start, the style differences between each city and his own…
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Fashion Nov 19, 2010

Dana Lee Interview

The 189 have an interesting interview up with Dana Lee. Lee’s been on our radar for a good while now (since the A-Z to be painfully pedantic) and it’s nice to…
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Fashion Oct 16, 2010

Q&A With Andy Spade on WSJ

WSJ creeps in an interview/QA with Jack Spade’s Andy Spade. “After co-creating the mega accessories brands Kate Spade and Jack Spade, selling them and then…
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