Fashion Jan 10, 2011

+J Spring 2011 Preview

Fashionisto places the first look at the Spring 2011’s UNIQLO +J Collection. The single image comes from a campaign look and features “Uniqlo favorite Clément…
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Fashion Jul 26, 2010

+J Heather Crew Neck T-Shirt

We’ve been bingeing on t-shirts as much as trainers lately, but what can we say? It’s still summer dagnammit. We’re still on a search for the perfect tee and…
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Fashion Jan 15, 2010

Uniqlo +J Design Trousers

Jill Sander’s second collection of pieces for Uniqlo hasn’t received the praise that the first did, with most unable to get their heads around a couple of…
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Fashion Oct 21, 2009

UNIQLO +J Light Down Jacket

A very aggressively priced puffa downer from the +J collection at UNIQLO. It’s priced so well that they limit one jacket per person for pruchase. Must be something…
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