Fashion Dec 15, 2011

SNS Herning Ideal Jacket

It’s mid-december, which means it’s now officially ‘silly to buy anything for full price when it’ll be going on sale in two weeks’ time. We do admit that…
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Fashion Nov 23, 2011

Gold Wool Sports Jacket

You guys still know that everything’s better in Japan right? Well it is. And the proof is exhibit A, pictured above. We’re tiring of tacking elbow patches onto…
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Fashion Nov 23, 2011

Hixsept Plural Jacket

The Hixsept Plural Jacket comes in a rich shade of honey brown and is a perfect for the season with its navy corduroy collar and waxed finish. Check the hit on the…
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Fashion Nov 22, 2011

Finisterre Etobicoke Jacket

Tom Kay, founder of Technical apparel brand Finisterre, spent his childhood by the sea, set himself up with a marine biology degree and went about challenging, in…
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Fashion Nov 17, 2011

Bleu de Paname Counter Jacket

We forgive you if you’re unsure about fur collars. We’re assuming that is faux fur so the only worry is how you can avoid the Russian ogliarch look. It looks…
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Fashion Nov 16, 2011

Denham Nautilus Jacket

Denham offer the ‘RECUT’ version of The Nautilus jacket for winter wear. This naval inspired piece is filled with technical specifications but its most…
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