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Shoes Apr 4, 2011

John Lobb Driver Shoes

Driving shoes are the new thing… Maybe they always just were here, but it is clear that as street fashion guys get older, they are looking for something new. For…
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Shoes Feb 25, 2011

John Lobb William II Boot

Gentleman looking for a new pair of walkers, should consider this double buckle beauty from the John Lobb collection. “This ankle boot version of the company’s…
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Shoes Feb 22, 2011

The Big Bucks Shoe

After much fanfare, Mr Porter has finally launched and the site that will finally get men shopping is here. By now we all know the sort of product they’ll have in…
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Shoes May 5, 2009

John Lobb Lizard Skin Shoes

OPENERS Japan celebrates the John Lobb Flagship in Tokyo with a profile on their lizard skin shoes. More views of the John Lobb Lizard Skins after the jump. Made…
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Shoes Aug 22, 2008

John Lobb Everdon

Certain brands just never go out of style. John Lobb is one of them. Represented in their own flagship stores, as well as all Hermes stores around the globe, the…
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