Fashion Oct 6, 2011

Kolor Knit Blazer

We’ve always had a soft spot for Kolor. They reciprocated our soft spot by making a soft blazer, just for us. Well, not just for us, but we’d like to think we…
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Fashion Jul 18, 2011

Kolor Cardigan

Kolor’s autumn collection has just fell in stores – albeit in Japan – and it’s a perfect excuse for us to feature one of our favourite brands. We’ve…
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Fashion Jul 5, 2011

Kolor Cardigan

Like summer but like layers even more? We understand. So why not lighten up your layers with a linen shirt and a lightweight cardigan like the one above? It’s more…
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Fashion May 11, 2011

Kolor Linen Blend Jacket

We’re still obsessed with spring jackets. This happened last year – much to the annoyance of several readers – and we’re at it again. We promise we’ll try…
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Fashion Feb 8, 2011

Kolor Gingham Blazer

We still feel it’s a little early to be swapping our chunky knits for lightweight blazers, but here’s something that’ll be good for a few months down the line…
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Fashion Feb 1, 2011

Kolor Patchwork Shirt

We love a bit of patchwork, so posting up this shirt was nearly guaranteed. We’re not really fans of paying over £600 for that privilege, but the Yen to Euro…
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