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Accessories Mar 9, 2009

Lad Musician Canvas Bags

Lad Musician have been upping their use of canvas lately, we posted about their canvas boots and now they’ve added these bags to their range. The bags themselves…
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Shoes Feb 27, 2009

Lad Musician Canvas Boots

Canvas shoes have been a growing trend lately but these Lad Musician boots are the first time we’ve seen canvas boots. Like all Lad Musician clothing, it’s…
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Shoes Feb 12, 2009

Lad Musician Leather Boots

Japan’s Lad Musician continues to output great menswear. As we mentioned before a select number of retailers are now carrying the line outside of the Japan, so do…
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Accessories Jan 7, 2009

Lad Musician Mohair Hat

While Lad Musician are available in the EU and US, they’re still pretty hard to get hold of. However, if you have the desire and/or the means to get hold of…
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Fashion Dec 9, 2008

Lad Musician White shirts

Shirt & Tie sets have been creeping back into popularity for a while now and now Lad Musician look to get in on the trend with their new white shirts. The plain…
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