Fashion Aug 26, 2010

Lavenham Spring 2011 Looks

Some fresh looks for Spring 2011 from the Lavenham company. Our Spring 2010 profile told it best, “Britian’s Lavenham is one of those companies that keeps their…
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Accessories Oct 22, 2009

Lavenham Quilted Rucksack

We’re torn. We hate those Barbour quilted jackets, but love the quilted effect. Our way around this earth shatteringly important problem would be to get a quilted…
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Fashion Oct 15, 2009

Lavenham Westly Patchwork Vest

Lavenham drops this patchwork vest to celebrate their 40th anniversary. They dig through their fabric archive to bring forth a variety of panels made to show off the…
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Fashion Aug 19, 2009

Lavenham Spring/Summer 2010

We give love to the companies that keep it close. Britian’s Lavenham is one of those companies that keeps their production inside the British Isles. It is an…
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