Design Mar 25, 2011

Illuminated Squirrel Light

On other weeks this would be our piece of the week. Unfortunately a light, albeit one in the shape of the squirrel, will always pale in comparison to cars and boats…
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Design Mar 1, 2011

Lighting from Monocomplex

Curated turns us onto this: “Monocomplex, a design firm located in Seoul, Korea, has unveiled two new lighting fixtures. The first (seen above) is called “Retro…
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Design Feb 14, 2011

Tosca Table Lamp

Curated turns us onto this nice piece of furniture. “Created by Designwork in 2007, the Tosca Table Lamp is produced by Italian manufacturer Foscarini. With three…
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Uncategorized Dec 27, 2010

Edison the Petit Lamp

Fatboy, an outfit known for overstuffed bean bags, doesn’t normally grab our attention. However, with their small Edison the Petit lamp, they produce something…
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Design Dec 14, 2010

Normann ‘Norm 69′ Lamp

In need of a (relatively) inexpensive lamp for Christmas for a design obsessed friend/partner? Here’s one that should be up your alley. Just make sure it’s not…
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Design Jun 11, 2010

Stalb Lamps by Kassen Lifestyle

Curated puts us onto these Stalb Lamps by Kassen Lifestyle. “Kassen Lifestyle, a brand that “explores furniture through brutalist design,” has introduced a new…
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Design Nov 3, 2009

Pinch Design Studio

Pinch Design Studio was founded in 2004 by the husband and wife team of Russel Pinch and Oona Bannon. Their furnishings are hand made to order, each piece designed…
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Design Jul 23, 2009

Black+Blum Reading Light

As much as we love our functional designs, we do enjoy a quirky piece from time to time. Take this reading light for instance. Is it practical? no. Is it functional?…
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Design Apr 22, 2009

Christian Girard Azimuth Lamp

Made in Design is offering these exact replicas of Christian Girard’s 1969 Azimuth Lamp. The lamp is placed on a completely mobile base allowing for easy movement…
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Design Mar 12, 2009

‘Birdie Light’ lampshade

Nylon Guys turns us onto this ‘Birdie light’ lampshade. Based on the shuttlecock, this is a rather bizarre choice for a lampshade. Badminton’s a long way from…
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