Shoes Apr 24, 2012

SWIMS Loafers

Please don’t throw hot oil in our faces for saying this, but we sometimes get a touch envious of Crocs. Not their bulbous gaudy appearance, mind you, but the utter…
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Fashion Apr 5, 2012

Mr Hare Cognac Mailer Loafers

We continue to enjoy the footwear of Mr Hare. This Mailer shoe from Spring/Summer 2012 ‘August‘ collection is one for tassle fans, plenty of them, leaning to the…
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Shoes Apr 3, 2012

Leffot Driving Moccasins

Leffot continues to output some of the better men’s shoes on the market right now. Their new driving mocassin offering is a strong and sporty collection of loafers…
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Shoes Feb 21, 2012

Generic Surplus – The Beckley

Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t already have, but Generic Surplus has given Gerry Beckley, co-founder of seminal soft rockers America, a…
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