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Fashion Sep 28, 2010

Lou Dalton Zip Trousers

From something office friendly to something that definitely isn’t, here’s a some trousers with some nicely placed zips on them. They wouldn’t suit the…
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Accessories Aug 20, 2010

Lou Dalton Fair Isle Scarf

Is it silly to be looking at Fair Isle scarves in the midst of August? As we’re doing just that, we’re gonna say no. As the kids probably wouldn’t say, we’re…
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Fashion Jul 15, 2010

Lou Dalton Chambray Shirt

We’re sure there’s plenty of folks looking at their google reader in disgust right now. Yep, it’s yet another chambray shirt – but this one has a silk…
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Fashion Apr 14, 2010

Lou Dalton Silk Collar Shirt

Silk collars are one of those things most folks (including us) just don’t consider. We’ve never been against it per se; it just never entered our heads in the…
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Fashion Apr 6, 2010

Lou Dalton Gold Twill Coat

Don’t be put off by the world gold in the title – no one will confuse you with midas in this coat. Spring’s finally sprung for most folks but it’s still not…
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Fashion Jan 6, 2010

Lou Dalton Tweed Jacket

We like a sale when the stock’s okay; we love a sale when the stocks great. Daniel Jenkins’ sale falls into the latter category. We’ve picked out this Lou…
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Fashion Sep 30, 2009

Lou Dalton Parka

Now that outerwear is landing in stores, we’ve been turning our eyes towards a new winter coat to add to the team. You should have a starting five of coats by now…
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