Art Aug 12, 2008

“Looking At Music,” MOMA

“In the 1960s, the decade that saw astronauts land on the moon, artists were likewise seeking to expand boundaries of time and space and to have new experiences…
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Art Jun 24, 2008

Guillemot Kayaks

One need not roam the Caribbean or summer in the Med to own and have access to a beautiful boat. Guillemot Kayaks , from Glastonbury, CT, are gorgeous hand made…
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Art Jun 20, 2008

Dali: Painting and Film

Opening June 29, Dali: Painting and Film at MOMA covers 130 films, paintings and drawings by Salvador Dali. The intent is to investigate the influence cinema had on…
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Stores Dec 26, 2007

MOMA Store Tokyo Opens

The MOMA stores in NYC have always been special and an adventure to lurk through. On every trip to the big Apple its a must see, because most likely you will come…
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