Fashion Oct 17, 2011

Moncler Camouflage Jacket

Hey guys, have you heard about this cool thing called camouflage? It’s pretty cool. Some people are using it on coats, shirts and trousers. Don’t worry if you…
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Accessories Sep 20, 2011

Moncler Fairisle Socks

Some more Fairisle love, this time from Moncler. These beige socks are of the heavyweight boot variety, 100% lambswool they feature the Moncler Tricolour on the…
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Fashion Jul 1, 2011

Moncler Sweatpants

We’re not really sure about Sweatpants in the heat of summer. Mainly because they’re not that breathable unless you’re wearing those baggy ones that make you…
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Fashion Feb 22, 2011

Moncler Tracksuit Bottoms

Scallies, layabouts, benefit receivers and Jeremy Kyle guests rejoice, you’re in fashion! We knew it had to happen, but chav style has finally found its way into…
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