Fashion Oct 3, 2011

Monitaly Wool Field Jacket

Ignore this heatwave (we’re talking to you UK dwellers and Parisians) it’ll be over soon. And once it’s done you don’t wanna be left in the cold* with a…
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Fashion Sep 6, 2011

Monitaly Field Jacket

This cold weather offering from Monitaly channels the spirit of Hudson’s Bay blankets to create something a bit special. Double breasted, Shawl collar, woolen…
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Fashion Jun 30, 2011

Monitaly ‘Peter’ Shirt

You know the worst thing about buying something now? The fact that it might go on sale any day now. We’ve all done it – bought something in a rush before seeing…
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Fashion May 25, 2011

Monitaly Plaid Field Jacket

While Monitaly’s lookbooks can be hit or miss, we’re still fans of their products. Take this field jacket for instance. It’s unlined and hooded, so perfect…
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Shoes Feb 28, 2011

Monitaly Suede Moccasins

Here’s a series of suede mocassins from the Monitaly line. The color and stitching on these is what sets them apart from the usual pack. Available in beige, light…
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