Fashion Jun 3, 2011

Muji Houseshoes

Unsurprisingly, we like feeling bawsy around the house. And, for us at least, the best way to do that is by wearing some bawse-like slippers. Actually slippers…
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Design Mar 11, 2011

Life With Green

Spoon & Tamago lets us know about Life with Green, Flower Muji’s latest venture with Idee. Flower Muji is a spin-off from the main Muji line, originally starting…
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Accessories Dec 22, 2010

Muji Alpaca Blanket

Have we gone so far that we’re now recommending blankets? Yes. Yes we have. Expect hole punches and dividers any day now. That said, we do quite like this blanket…
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Accessories Dec 14, 2010

MUJI Noel Vending Machine

The Japanese love their vending machines – as do those walking through airports. An endless supply of goods may be purchased. Looking for a Hello Kitty vibrator?…
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