nudie jeans

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

9:00 am

Nudie Jeans “Woad/Guado” – Ancient Dyes


This week, good old Nudie Jeans dropped their limited edition “Woad/Guado” collection—a six-piece line featuring organic fabrics dyed using the woad plant. This flowering guy looks a bit like a cabbage and has been cultivated since time immemorial specifically for…

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Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

6:30 pm

Nudie Jeans House, Los Angeles, CA


Ask most denim retailers about Nudie and they’ll mention “introduction.” Nudie has become a household name in the denim world. Many denim geeks will mention how Nudie introduced them to the every expanding world of premium and super-premium denim. In…

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Friday, December 5th, 2008

2:12 am

Nudie Jeans Selvage Lab

Selectism - Nudie Jeans Selvage Lab

Sweden’s Nudie is looking to increase their already strong denim market share with the Nudie Selvage Lab. Before we go there, let’s remember that Nudie is one of those ambassador types of denim companies – they bring the people into…

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