Perks & Mini

Fashion Mar 25, 2011

Perks and Mini Spun Out Shirt

We’re starting to feel like Perk’s and Mini’s parents these days – we’re the only ones who call them by their full name. Perks (or PAM for all you hip folk…
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Fashion Feb 17, 2011

Perks & Mini Table Shirt

The square insert on this mini-striped shirt from PAM may seen like an add-on to some, but it speaks volumes in terms of the form of the cut. Clearly not everyone…
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Fashion Sep 16, 2010

Perks And Mini Scentered Shirt

Our main problem with paisley shirts is what we like to call the ‘Simon Doonan’ look. No offense to the man, but it’s not a look we’re going for. We’re not…
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Fashion Nov 5, 2009

Perks & Mini Check Shirt

You know what we’re into? Pieces like this. It’s a little nuts, a little all over the place and therefore blog worthy. And in the age of people wishing they…
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