polka dots

Accessories Dec 7, 2011

Paul Smith Polka Dot Socks

More gift ideas, you may sigh at the idea of getting or giving socks but in truth they’re probably one of the most useful presents you could receive. Although they…
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Fashion Feb 28, 2011

Paul Smith Polka Dot Shirt

From the looks of things, this is gonna be a pattern filled summer. In fact, it might be the first summer in a while where polka dots are the calmest of the patterns…
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Fashion Aug 27, 2009

Soulland ‘Mondrian’ Shirt

It’s been a bit of Soulland overload here at SL – we just remembered how much we liked them. We’re still recovering from the news that Topman of all places…
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Fashion Aug 18, 2008

US Rags Polk Dot Cardigan

A nice cardigan from US Rags (and also made in California) featuring black with white polka dot prints on the exterior and a nice contrast prints on the inside…
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