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Fashion Aug 29, 2012

Acne Standard Heart T-Shirt

It is becoming more and more common for men to show their softer sides. Whether talking about their feelings with a significant other over an oaky Chardonnay or…
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Fashion Jun 8, 2012

Hixsept – Artist Tee Shirts

We have grown accustomed to looking to French brand Hixsept for garments that are a little bit fanciful and a little bit interesting. These soft tees hit squarely in…
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Fashion May 8, 2012

Tonello Pleated Cargo Shorts

Most summers in recent memory, the sidewalks have been flooded with those baggy cargo shorts that make dudes look like perpetual toddlers. As an antidote, why not…
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Shoes May 3, 2012

Buttero Color Welt Boat Shoes

Holy shit. These would have swept up on our list of 10 shoes that can roll sockless. Part boat shoe, part espadrille, crepe sole … lordy. Buttero rarely stumbles…
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Fashion Apr 27, 2012

Paul Smith Flower Swim Shorts

Summer is full of flowers and swimming pools, so a floral print on swimming trunks seems like a solid pairing. These shorts from Paul Smith back that up: three very…
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