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Denim Aug 24, 2011

PROJECT 10 | 4 Stroke Jeans

4 Stroke, based in New York City, makes contemporary denim on the back of 120 years of manufacturing experience. Tobias Levine is the creative director. He likes…
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Shoes Aug 23, 2011

PROJECT 10 | Mors Footwear

Founded in 2009, Mors is based in the UK and manufactures handmade shoes in Europe. The brand is run by Jonathan Morss. Where are you from? UK. How did you start? I…
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Fashion Aug 22, 2011

PROJECT 10 | Kitsune Tee

Based in Paris, Kitsune is making some of our favorite graphic t-shirts and are bringing the new Kitsune TEE to North America for the first time in Spring/Summer…
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Accessories Aug 22, 2011

PROJECT 10 | George Guest

Meet George Guest, representing New England with fine hand crafted luggage and a proud part of our PROJECT 10 brand group. Where are you from? We are from Boston. We…
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Uncategorized Aug 22, 2011


This year at PROJECT Las Vegas, we’re proud to have curated PROJECT 10. The season PROJECT 10 brings together a group of brands that the emerging tailored…
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