project 10

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

1:00 am

PROJECT 10 | 4 Stroke Jeans

Project 10 4 Stroke Jeans-07

4 Stroke, based in New York City, makes contemporary denim on the back of 120 years of manufacturing experience. Tobias Levine is the creative director. He likes motorcycles, tattoos, and leaving Las Vegas. Where are you from? New York City.…

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

9:00 pm

PROJECT 10 | Lunettes Kollektion

Project 10 Lunettes Kollektion-06

Given that a good percentage of team Selectism is sight impaired, it was only natural to rope some eyewear into our PROJECT 10 fold. Rainer Metz, Lunettes Kollektion sales manager, shared his thoughts on the brand and highlights from the…

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8:00 pm

PROJECT 10 | Mors Footwear

Project 10 Mors Footwear-11

Founded in 2009, Mors is based in the UK and manufactures handmade shoes in Europe. The brand is run by Jonathan Morss. Where are you from? UK. How did you start? I was a shoe designer for a big sports…

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7:00 pm

PROJECT 10 | Poler Camping Stuff

Project 10 Poler Camping Stuff-14

Benji Wagner, co-founder and creative director of Poler Camping Stuff, is all about camping stuff that goes well and truly beyond LL Bean catalog scan nostalgia. His tent set up at PROJECT 10 has generated quite a buzz on site,…

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Monday, August 22nd, 2011

11:30 pm

PROJECT 10 | Kitsune Tee

Project 10 Kitsune Tee-12

Based in Paris, Kitsune is making some of our favorite graphic t-shirts  and are bringing the new Kitsune TEE to North America for the first time in Spring/Summer 2012. It’s a more accessible line than the main Kitsune collection. Where…

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11:00 pm

PROJECT 10 | Triple Aught Design

Project 10 Triple Aught Design-09

Jennifer Steeley (JJ) is CMO of Triple Aught Design, a San Francisco-based brand that equips travelers from the street to the wild… and expertly back again. We’re attracted to their innovative takes on classic design. We talked to Jennifer to…

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8:00 pm

PROJECT 10 | George Guest

George Guest Project 10 Leather Goods-09

Meet George Guest, representing New England with fine hand crafted luggage and a proud part of our PROJECT 10 brand group. Where are you from? We are from Boston. We both, Alex and George, grew up just out side of…

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7:30 pm



This year at PROJECT Las Vegas, we’re proud to have curated PROJECT 10. The season PROJECT 10 brings together a group of brands that the emerging tailored performance trend. These brands represent a community of artisans that create product for…

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Friday, August 19th, 2011

5:30 pm

Selectism Works Project 10 Showcase

Selectism Works Project 10 Showcase

It is Vegas time again for the menswear world. As thousand of creative minds in the world of retail fashion gather together under the air-conditioned solace known as Las Vegas convention rooms, we’ll be running our usual show coverage from…

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