rachel comey

Fashion Sep 26, 2011

Rachel Comey Sweater

Those looking for an alpaca sweater should adjust to this one from Rachel Comey, with its wool blend and golden look. May work for some who refuse to bother with the…
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Shoes Aug 31, 2011

Rachel Comey Derringer Shoe

It’s been a while since we’ve featured any Rachel Comey, so here’s a shoe of hers we like. We know, we know – it’s leopard print and you’re all about the…
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Shoes Feb 16, 2011

Rachel Comey Derringer Oxford

If you’ve not been one for the chunkier sole, then Rachel Comey is for you. Her oxfords are great for summer, especially if you’re just not that into the…
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Shoes Feb 24, 2010

Rachel Comey Rigby Nomad Hiker

Rachel Comey’s footwear offerings are something of a fan favorite here at Selectism. Not too formal, not too casual, and with just enough color to strike out from…
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Shoes Feb 15, 2010

Rachel Comey Uncle Dan Oxford

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we like the classics, but we don’t want to be swapping style tips with our fathers just yet. Which is why we…
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