Fashion Dec 30, 2009

SassaFras Gardener Shirt

Here’s a unique shirt for the handman/girl in your life from Sassafras. It’s a gardener shirt which is outfitted with some excellent compartments and hangers for…
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Fashion Sep 22, 2009

SassaFras 14oz Standby Pants

SassaFras Japan comes through with a strong pair of “Standby” work pants made from 14oz cotton. Now, what makes them special is the utility pockets that look…
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Fashion Jun 4, 2009

SassaFras Shorts

Two Japanese made shorts from SassaFras. One pair of finished in rip stop cotton while the second is a corduroy deal made of a hamp/cotton mix (trending). There are…
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Fashion Dec 19, 2008

SassaFras Gardener Jacket

A little warmer for those quick runs to bring out the trash or grab a late night smoke outside (cuz it ain’t cool to smoke inside). Sassafras’ Gardener Jacket is…
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Fashion Nov 10, 2008

SassaFras Pot Pocket Shirt

SassaFras delivers on this outdoor day wear shirt. The Pot Pocket shirt features two large utility pockets and is made from soft wool giving you some warmth and…
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