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Q&A Sep 23, 2011

Chris Shannon Q&A

We caught up with Chris Shannon after his sportswear influenced, comb-filled show on Wednesday and spoke briefly with him about the brand, where it’s going and, of…
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Q&A Aug 30, 2011

Speaking with | Brian Awitan

Without getting too ‘pop eats itself’ about the whole thing, we’ve always been interested in showcasing some of the interesting people working behind the…
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Q&A Jul 18, 2011

Brand Focus | Homecore

Coming to our attentions via a trip round Berlin’s Mitte ‘hood, Homecore is a French brand that has edged into the more mature realms of casual work-wear, while…
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Q&A Jul 14, 2011

Brand Focus | Bag N Noun

If you’re feeling in the mood to look at pictures of things that carry stuff really well, look really great and feel really fantastic, well let me tell you…
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