shipley and halmos

Fashion May 25, 2009

Shipley & Halmos Raincoat

We keep on almost tiring of the double breasted look on coats – but luckily, they keep on making good ones. Not to harp on at ASOS again, but why isn’t Shipley &…
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Fashion Oct 14, 2008

Shipley & Halmos At Den NYC

Once again great news are coming from Den NYC, the constant pop-up store by Odin. After Engineered Garments, Shipley & Halmos is up next and will be using the space…
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Fashion Apr 22, 2008

Shipley & Halmos

For fans of Travota line comes Shipley & Halmos. Designed by Jeff Halmos and Sam Shipley of Travota fame, Shipley & Halmos looks focused on further expanding on the…
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