Fashion Nov 3, 2011

Buzz Rickson USMC Shirt

As much as we love military repros, many of the more authentic pieces look great on the hanger but put them on and you end up feeling a like you’ve hired a costume…
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Fashion Oct 28, 2011

Hixsept Opera Shirt

Not had enough of floral patterns? Of course you haven’t. And if you have, you read too many blogs (including this one). It’s one of those trends that hasn’t…
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Fashion Oct 19, 2011

Archival Clothing Rugby Shirt

It’s hard not to feel weary of rugby shirts. The skin tight numbers currently on show at the World Cup aren’t really our thing and as much as we like the old…
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Fashion Oct 18, 2011

Post Overalls Engineer Shirt

The ever reliable Post Overalls bring us this fantastic Calico print number. A rich shade of red that makes this stand out from the crowd, it’s nice to see a bit…
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Fashion Oct 10, 2011

Workers (Japan) CPO Shirt

The CPO is the king of the shirt/jacket hybrid and if anyone can offer a solid take on this standard it’s Japan’s Workers. This one leans more towards the jacket…
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