Thursday, February 18th, 2010

2:30 pm

Shofolk Bobby Oxford Shoes

selectism - shofolk-bobby-oxfords-02

Here we go again. We’re sure everyone’s bored of us recommending these Shofolks in their various guises, but a handsome shoe is a handsome shoe. This time the colour is a navy leather  – a nice change from all the…

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Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

11:30 am

Folk Finlay Suede Derby Shoes

selectism - shofolk-grey-finlay-02

We don’t usually buy full price pieces when sales are on (common sense sometimes gets in the way of fashion sense) but these shoes are worth a punt at any price. Reasons why we like these shoes are simple. Firstly…

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

5:30 pm

Shofolk ‘Bobby’ Chesnut Oxford Shoe

selectism - shofolk-chesnut-bobby-02

You might have guessed by now, but we’re real fans of Shofolk’s ‘Bobby’ last. While we love the tan version, we’re also partial to this suede/leather mix. The mix itself isn’t anything new, but sometimes the endless thirst for the…

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Friday, September 11th, 2009

3:30 pm

Shofolk Tan ‘Bobby’ Oxford Shoe

selectism - folk-bobby-tan-shoes-04

The menswear blogger is a fickle creature. They gather at tradeshows, silently judging each other whilst exchanging pleasantries and hastily made business cards. Known for their herd mentality, if you catch them at a smart function this year, they’ll definitely…

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Monday, May 18th, 2009

10:30 am

Shofolk Magic Suede Boot

selectism - folk-magic-suede-boot-03

Shofolk’s Armstrong shoes get a lot of blog love – most will have noticed the suede boots that were featured all over the internet last week – but their ‘magic’ boot is overlooked. The only problem with the ‘magic’ boots…

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Thursday, January 29th, 2009

8:04 pm

Shofolk Spring/Summer 2009 Footwear

Selectism - Shofolk Spring/Summer 2009 Footwear

We previewed this collection way too long ago and it’s deserving of another look. The Shofolk Spring/Summer 2009 Footwear collection has come some way since it’s birth back in 2004. “The shoes are handmade in Portugal from leathers sourced in Italy and…

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

5:53 pm

Shofolk Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

Shofolk Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

Shofolk, the sister brand to Folk, have given Selectism an extensive look into their SS09 collection. Featuring everything from old school Oxford shoes to Chukka boots, Shofolk add their trademark detailing to classic styles to give the look a twist.…

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Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

1:36 am

Shofolk Fall/Winter 2008/09 Mens Footwear

Shofolk Fall/Winter 2008/09 Mens Footwear

Shofolk, the footwear extension of the Folk Clothing Company brings new models and silhouettes for fall/winter 2008 and 2009. With each pair handcrafted in Portugal and produced in short run quanities, Shofolk Footwear offers a great selection of unique looks…

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Friday, March 14th, 2008

7:43 pm

New Shofolk Footwear @ Oki-Ni

New Shofolk Footwear @ Oki-Ni

Oki-ni has gotten in some more Shofolk styles. This time they present a mid cut sneaker and a low-top slip-on. The mid comes in a mix of canvas and leather and is exclusively sold at Oki-Ni. The slip-on also looks…

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