Shoes Feb 18, 2010

Shofolk Bobby Oxford Shoes

Here we go again. We’re sure everyone’s bored of us recommending these Shofolks in their various guises, but a handsome shoe is a handsome shoe. This time the…
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Shoes Jan 12, 2010

Folk Finlay Suede Derby Shoes

We don’t usually buy full price pieces when sales are on (common sense sometimes gets in the way of fashion sense) but these shoes are worth a punt at any price…
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Shoes May 18, 2009

Shofolk Magic Suede Boot

Shofolk’s Armstrong shoes get a lot of blog love – most will have noticed the suede boots that were featured all over the internet last week – but their…
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Shoes Mar 14, 2008

New Shofolk Footwear @ Oki-Ni

Oki-ni has gotten in some more Shofolk styles. This time they present a mid cut sneaker and a low-top slip-on. The mid comes in a mix of canvas and leather and is…
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