Fashion Jun 3, 2011

Muji Houseshoes

Unsurprisingly, we like feeling bawsy around the house. And, for us at least, the best way to do that is by wearing some bawse-like slippers. Actually slippers…
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Shoes Mar 19, 2011

Scott Hawaii Leahi Slipper

Started in 1932, Scott Hawaii was founded by Elmer and Jean Scott from Marblehead, MA. The Scott family comes from a very long line of shoe makers and “it didn’t…
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Shoes Nov 22, 2010

Herring Monarch Slippers

We’ve been on the lookout for some house slippers lately. We were tempted to go the cheap route, but then we saw these. They’re an acquired taste but we feel…
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Shoes Aug 15, 2010

Armor Lux Striped Slippers

Autumn is approaching. Consider throwing out your beater house shoes and slipping into these gems from the Armor Lux company of goods. The naval striped look is…
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