Stores Sep 21, 2011

Store Visit | Trunk

We can’t stop, won’t stop with the store visits. Well, not until tomorrow, when we’ll give you all a rest from lovely store interiors. For now you’ll have to…
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Stores Sep 20, 2011

Store Visit | Anthem

Next up in our store visit series is Anthem. Still a new born baby, we decided to shoot it because, well, it looks cool. Based in Shoreditch, it’s situated right…
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Stores Sep 16, 2011

Folk Store in Mayfair

Folk continue to slow but steady expansion, this time launching a store in Mayfair. This one’s a bit out of nowhere, but it looks cool, keeping up the folk name…
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Stores Jul 14, 2011

Store Visit | LN-CC

We kicked off our store visit series with Lock & Co, so it’s only right that we do something completely different this week and feature LN-CC, the relative new kid…
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Stores Jul 7, 2011

Store Visit | Lock & Co

Launching a new feature here is a weekly visit to a store we admire. They’ll be some stores you may have seen and some you won’t. We’re banking that you…
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Stores Mar 14, 2011

APC opens new London store

Well colour us surprised. APC quietly opened a new space in London’s Redchurch Street on saturday (12 March) and, according to their staff, it’s a permanent…
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Stores Feb 28, 2011

Trunk Clothiers: A Catch Up

Permanent Style caught up with new London based clothing store Trunk. It’s an interesting read, if only for the realisation that there really wasn’t anything…
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