Fashion Jul 13, 2012

Lanvin Lounge Pants

Lanvin calls them lounge pants, though technically they fall under the sweatpants umbrella. If you think about it, though, most people don’t sweat in sweatpants…
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Fashion Oct 20, 2011

Reigning Champ Sweatpants

As you might have guessed, we like to lounge. We like lounging so much we’ve turned into connoisseurs. And for our money, Reigning Champ sweatpants are some of the…
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Fashion Sep 27, 2011

Wings + Horns Sweatpants

So have we decided on a fancy name for a sweatpants yet? There were a couple of good ones – walking trousers is a choice one – but nothing’s really stuck. Can…
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Fashion Jul 1, 2011

Moncler Sweatpants

We’re not really sure about Sweatpants in the heat of summer. Mainly because they’re not that breathable unless you’re wearing those baggy ones that make you…
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Fashion May 27, 2011

Hope Sweatpants

Someone who left a comment originally pointed this out and we have to wonder, how many names do jogging bottoms have these days? It’s almost like people are trying…
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Fashion May 23, 2011

Albam Trackpants

Apologies in advance, but tracksuit bottoms aren’t going anywhere. We’ve heard that quote about tracksuit bottoms being a sign that you’ve given up on life but…
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