Fashion Apr 18, 2011

Nonnative Student Pant

We’ve got Rebecca Black problems this morning. Is the new trend dressing up, Sprezzy-style or dressing down, sweatpants style? Which one do we chooooooose? We feel…
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Fashion Mar 24, 2011

Wings + Horns Sweatpants

Looking sharp is great and all, but we all need to chill out sometimes. And when it’s time to do that, we’re heading straight to the sweatpants. We like these…
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Fashion Mar 21, 2011

Sunspel Tracksuit Bottoms

Now this is something we can get behind. As you might’ve guessed by now, when we get casual, we really get casual. And what’s more laid back than a pair of…
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Fashion Feb 22, 2011

Moncler Tracksuit Bottoms

Scallies, layabouts, benefit receivers and Jeremy Kyle guests rejoice, you’re in fashion! We knew it had to happen, but chav style has finally found its way into…
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Fashion Nov 15, 2010

Lanvin Silk Jersey Sweatpants

Did we post these up purely to make a ‘be like Kanye, jog in Lanvin’s’ joke? Yes we did. Did we kinda ruin the joke by announcing it in the last sentence? Yes…
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Fashion Oct 28, 2010

Reigning Champ Sweat Pants

Yeah, we’re recommending sweat pants again. Despite our columnists labeling them the thing ‘the creepy dude at the coffee shop that doesn’t wear underwear…
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Fashion Oct 9, 2010

Han Sweatpants

SOTO carries sweatpants from Han. They may not be as detailed as those Band of Outsiders sweats from yesterday but still quality all around. “Han’s heavy and…
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