Fashion Mar 2, 2011

Buzz Rickson Sweatshirt

Buzz Rickson sweats feature a fair bit on this site, but we can’t say no to a good thing. And, given that they’re among the best value sweatshirts you can find…
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Fashion Feb 25, 2011

Paul Smith Jeans Sweatshirt

The short sleeved sweatshirt always get the – excuse the bad pun – short end of the stick, but there’s really nothing to be afraid of. Just put on a tee…
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Fashion Feb 15, 2011

Robert Geller Sweatshirt

We’re not sure when this happened to us, but we’re not shocked by dip dye anymore. In fact, it’s now downright pedestrian. We’re actually more concerned…
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Fashion Jan 27, 2011

Buzz Rickson Sweatshirt

We’re having a sweatshirt morning. We do like our Buzz Rickson here at SL because they’re well done and affordable. We’re sure Lands End has them for cheaper…
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Fashion Jan 24, 2011

Our Legacy Sweatshirt

A wise man once said ‘you can never have too many sweatshirts’, or that’s what we think he should’ve said because it’s gosh darn true. This one’s a…
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Fashion Jan 13, 2011

Chris Shannon Sweatshirt

We’re kicking off the day with some printed sweatshirt goodness. It’s a far cry from the usual workwear heritage ruggedness, but it’s still a nice sweatshirt…
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