Design Jul 15, 2010

Studio Roeper Furniture

From Curated – Founded by Florian Roeper, Studio Roeper handcrafts small batch high-end furnishings. Based in Oakland, the firm pairs earthy materials with clean…
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Design Feb 23, 2010

CuldeSac “Welding Wood”

Given a sincere love for turned wood, CuldeSac’s contemporary appropriation of lathe turning, joinery and steam bending techniques have immediate appeal. The…
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Design Dec 15, 2009

Creo Concrete Studio

Creo Concrete Studio began as a collaborative effort between Maysun Wells and Eric Green. The two Californian’s understand well the inherent potential of concrete…
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Design Dec 11, 2009

Studio Oooms Stamp Table

An often overused term in describing furniture, playful works a charm when discussing the work of Studio Oooms. Their Stamp Table is pierced along the center…
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Design Nov 3, 2009

Pinch Design Studio

Pinch Design Studio was founded in 2004 by the husband and wife team of Russel Pinch and Oona Bannon. Their furnishings are hand made to order, each piece designed…
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Fashion Jul 26, 2009

James Perse Ping Pong Table

Green ping pong table tops seem to be the norm, but James Perse takes their own spin with their limited edition offering in black. “The custom James Perse Ping…
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Design Jul 17, 2009

Thonet for Muji

We’ve mentioned the collaborative project between Thonet and Muji before, but now that it is officially rolling it is worth revisiting both concept and product…
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Design May 18, 2009

Newton Table

The Newton Table is designed to explore the potential of molded plywood. Its designer, Karl Andersson, employs 3D design software and 5-axis mills to create newly…
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