Monday, November 26th, 2012

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

6:00 pm

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, for those celebrating of course. See, some of our staff in Europe do not so they’ll be working but us here in North America will be getting filled of turkey, but know this – that turkey hates you.  Some…

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Thursday, November 26th, 2009

7:00 pm

Thanksgiving Card

Selectism - Thanksgiving Card

Suka Creative worked the production of this Thanksgiving holiday card for a client. It is a trend it would seem for people to send out alternative holiday cards – skipping Christmas cards for example. Some background on the design of…

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Friday, November 28th, 2008

1:39 am

Happy Thanksgiving | Papercraft Turkey Dinner!

Selectism - Happy Thanksgiving | Papercraft Turkey Dinner!

From our staff, we wish all our readers who celebrate the day the Pilgrims and Indians came together for harvest festival, a Happy Thanksgiving. For those who may not be celebrating but would like to join the party for the…

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