Accessories Oct 31, 2011

Epaulet Ashland Ikat Tie

Epaulet Ashland Ikat tie, a nice alternative to the current stream of chambray and knitted models doing the rounds. Using a traditional dyeing technique popular for…
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Accessories Aug 30, 2011

Nick Bronson Knitted Tie

We’re known fans of the knitted tie, so here’s one for the fellows who may not have the hundred quid to drop on a Charvet or Drakes tie. £40 price tag aside…
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Accessories Jun 22, 2011

Drakes Knitted Tie

On the rare occasion we do get suited and booted, it’s a knitted tie that’ll grace our necks. Don’t ask why, that’s just the way it is. So it was our right…
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Accessories May 18, 2011

Charvet Knitted Tie

While we look at the whole tie spectrum, we’re strictly knitted tie fellows. We dip in and out with other tie styles, we might even do a Schwarzenegger and have a…
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Accessories Mar 9, 2011

Drakes Knitted Tie

Obvious pick alert! We were looking for a great knitted tie and Drakes was the first thing that popped into our heads, so we’ve decided to share it with everyone…
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Accessories Sep 11, 2009

Our Legacy Knitted Ties

While we’re not fans of vintage stores in general – musty smells, small sizes and overpricing aren’t our favourite things – they’ve always been best for…
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