Shoes Mar 21, 2011

Gourmet ‘Sedici L’ Trainers

We’re pretty sure no one’s shocked by Gourmet popping up on SL now, or at least we’ll avoid accusations of being all over the place. There is a method to this…
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Shoes Mar 2, 2011

Nike Zoom Match Classic

In our ongoing attempts to wean ourselves off Springcourts explore other options, we’ve taken a look at these Nike Zoom Match Classics. They’re nice and minimal…
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Shoes Sep 24, 2010

First Look | Vera Shoes

We know it’s hard to do, but imagine it’s hot right now. And not in the Paris Hilton sense either. Done that? Good. Now imagine these Vera shoes on your feet…
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Shoes Aug 3, 2010

Springcourt G1 Waxed Canvas

Fact: We’re quite the fans of springcourt. Despite our extensive coverage of the brand, we’ve not seen a waxed canvas version of their trainer before. While most…
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Shoes May 2, 2008

A.P.C. Tennis Sneaker

A.P.C. has released the Tennis sneaker as part of their Spring/Summer 2008 collection. The canvas sneaker comes in a blue and white colorway and only features a…
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