Fashion Feb 28, 2012

Dockers Alpha Khaki in Camo

Not to overpraise a fit but it took me some time to get into a pair of the Dockers Alpha series khaki pants and I wish I had put them on earlier. The fit is a very…
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Fashion Oct 3, 2011

Rake Flannel Trousers

Yeah yeah, these are work trousers. We can’t be dipped out in Balmain every day, no matter how much we’d like to. Furthermore, if you go all out fashion you…
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Fashion Sep 14, 2011

Ami Slim Fit Wool Trousers

You’ve probably heard about Ami, they’re the new French brand that’s trying to out-APC APC. There’s been accusations that APC have been slipping lately, so…
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Fashion Jul 27, 2011

Tender Bias Cut Trews

We like Tender. We like Orange trousers (odd thing to like, but it’s true). We like straight leg trousers (they’re a nice antidote to all the slim fit ones in…
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