Fashion Aug 11, 2011

ts(s) Spring/Summer 2012 Looks

Our friends at Por Homme deliver a wide look at the ts(s) collection for Spring/Summer 2011. We find a variety of new takes on suiting and blazers from the Japanese…
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Fashion Jul 7, 2011

ts(s) Striped Shirt

We’re as tired of the ____ on ____ on ____ phenomenon as anyone but it suits this piece. I mean how else would you describe this shirt other than stripes on…
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Fashion Mar 17, 2011

ts(s) Summer Tweed Jacket

Here’s a blazer for the summer months. We love everything about ts(s) – bar the price tags – but that should be expected when buying a line that’s based in…
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Fashion Jan 31, 2011

ts(s) Houndstooth Coat

It’s taken a while but ts(s) is now relatively widely available on Western shores. The upside is these great clothes are available. The downside is that people are…
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