Fashion Sep 28, 2009

Kolor Tweed Shawl Neck Jacket

Like everyone else in fashion (or ‘style’ if you like to think you’re above fashion) we’ve fallen for tweed. And while we love it in a blazer, it’s nice to…
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Fashion Sep 19, 2009

Beauty & Youth Tweed Jacket

A slimming tweed jacket from Japan’s Beauty & Youth. There is a certain nostalgia in this classic heritage piece. Taking the best bits from older durable Tweed…
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Accessories Mar 20, 2009

Rapha Tweed Caps

“In 2007 Rapha collaborated with Paul Smith to produce two limited edition tweed-style cycling caps. The popularity of this idiosyncratic style demanded Rapha…
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Fashion Dec 29, 2008

Heavy Tweed | Brooksweather

Heavy Tweed pulls off their usual discovery with this recent post on a variety of outdoor gear lines from the Brooks Brothers family. “One thing that fascinates me…
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Shoes Dec 2, 2008

Mean Tweed Workboots

Two lovely boots from the people at Mean. Both boots lace high on the leg and include reinforced lace snap ups tweed finish on the uppers – choose from beige or…
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Uncategorized Aug 5, 2008

Hackett 25th Anniversary Collection

Wallpaper Magazine describes Britian’s Hackett best. "With 25 years of evolutionary rather than revolutionary male clothing and accessories under their belt…
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