Fashion Jun 21, 2011

Uniqlo Autumn/Winter 2011

Porhomme turns us onto Uniqlo’s latest lookbook. Uniqlo looks to have fallen behind in recent times, overtaken by the mass of brands making chinos and oxfords that…
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Fashion May 2, 2011

Uniqlo Linen Shirt

We often get the ‘pricey’ tag thrown at us here on SL (although a large majority of the stuff we have is affordable if you buy less but better). So to counter…
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Fashion Jan 10, 2011

+J Spring 2011 Preview

Fashionisto places the first look at the Spring 2011’s UNIQLO +J Collection. The single image comes from a campaign look and features “Uniqlo favorite Clément…
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Fashion Dec 17, 2010

Uniqlo Lambswool Jumper

Consider this a cheat piece for the wardrobe. Although Uniqlo don’t like promoting them, their lambswool jumpers are a permanent standout for us. On a budget? Add…
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Fashion Nov 5, 2010

Uniqlo Corduroy Shirt

Uniqlo’s cord shirts have dropped for this season and they’ve added a couple of good looking new colourways to the fold. This light blue colour will slot in…
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